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Hedy Lamarr Photo: 1940s actress
1940s beauty
Hedy Lamarr is dedicated to the most beautiful classic actresses during the first 50 years of Hollywood...remembering them when they were young and beautiful.

We are so sick of seeing history's most beautiful female actors portrayed as old women.  How many times have you seen Joan Crawford as a 50 year old with enormous eyebrows and clown-like lipstick, Bette Davis as a shaky old woman with a cigarette, Elizabeth Taylor at 220 pounds, or Shirley MacLaine as a psychic nutcase? 

These actresses burst onto the Hollywood scene as beautiful young women, and they should be remembered as the gorgeous girls that they were.   We want everyone to experience the beauty of these women, to encourage you to watch their old movies, and to fall in love with them, as moviegoers did, when they were young.
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Post-War Era
Louise Brooks Photo: 1920s actress Louise Brooks
416,961 fans
Clara Bow Photo: 1920s actress Clara Bow
227,522 fans
Mary Pickford Photo: 1920s actress Mary Pickford
160,668 fans
Marion Davies Photo: 1920s actress Marion Davies
125,640 fans
Lillian Gish Photo: 1920s actress Lillian Gish
119,782 fans
Vilma Banky Photo: 1920s actress Vilma Banky
87,577 fans

Greta Garbo Photo: 1930s actress Greta Garbo
771,161 fans
Jean Harlow Photo: 1930s actress Jean Harlow
693,048 fans
Carole Lombard Photo: 1930s actress Carole Lombard
456,628 fans
Loretta Young Photo: 1930s actress Loretta Young
288,313 fans
Marlene Dietrich Photo: 1930s actress Marlene Dietrich
257,571 fans
Claudette Colbert Photo: 1930s actress Claudette Colbert
169,086 fans
Myrna Loy Photo: 1930s actress Myrna Loy
159,973 fans
Fay Wray Photo: 1930s actress Fay Wray
153,416 fans
Barbara Stanwyck Photo: 1930s actress Barbara Stanwyck
146,560 fans
Thelma Todd Photo: 1930s actress Thelma Todd
126,699 fans
Bette Davis Photo: 1930s actress Bette Davis
119,906 fans
Joan Crawford Photo: 1930s actress Joan Crawford
109,481 fans
Maureen O'Sullivan Photo: 1930s actress Maureen O'Sullivan
100,713 fans
Mae West Photo: 1930s actress Mae West
100,555 fans
Margaret Lindsay Photo: 1930s actress Margaret Lindsay
87,680 fans
Joan Blondell Photo: 1930s actress Joan Blondell
76,877 fans
Ann Sothern Photo: 1930s actress Ann Sothern
64,857 fans
Joan Bennett Photo: 1930s actress Joan Bennett
62,679 fans
Alice White Photo: 1930s actress Alice White
60,100 fans
Jeanette MacDonald Photo: 1930s actress Jeanette MacDonald
57,037 fans
Anita Page Photo: 1930s actress Anita Page
54,751 fans
Norma Shearer Photo: 1930s actress Norma Shearer
52,133 fans
Sally Blane Photo: 1930s actress Sally Blane
50,064 fans
Mary Astor Photo: 1930s actress Mary Astor
48,408 fans
Una Merkel Photo: 1930s actress Una Merkel
47,505 fans
Eleanor  Powell Photo: 1930s actress Eleanor Powell
46,973 fans
Evalyn Knapp Photo: 1930s actress Evalyn Knapp
44,170 fans
Constance Bennett Photo: 1930s actress Constance Bennett
43,709 fans
Kay Francis Photo: 1930s actress Kay Francis
43,216 fans
Miriam Hopkins Photo: 1930s actress Miriam Hopkins
42,670 fans
Marian  Marsh Photo: 1930s actress Marian Marsh
42,381 fans
Marie Wilson Photo: 1930s actress Marie Wilson
42,175 fans
Glenda Farrell Photo: 1930s actress Glenda Farrell
42,101 fans
Madge Evans Photo: 1930s actress Madge Evans
42,100 fans
Ruth Chatterton Photo: 1930s actress Ruth Chatterton
41,965 fans
Virginia Bruce Photo: 1930s actress Virginia Bruce
41,959 fans
Vivien Leigh Photo: 1940s actress Vivien Leigh
858,141 fans
Ava Gardner Photo: 1940s actress Ava Gardner
758,015 fans
Hedy Lamarr Photo: 1940s actress Hedy Lamarr
748,034 fans
Joan Fontaine Photo: 1940s actress Joan Fontaine
692,705 fans
Gene Tierney Photo: 1940s actress Gene Tierney
454,920 fans
Rita Hayworth Photo: 1940s actress Rita Hayworth
454,480 fans
Lana Turner Photo: 1940s actress Lana Turner
288,618 fans
Ingrid Bergman Photo: 1940s actress Ingrid Bergman
245,592 fans
Ginger Rogers Photo: 1940s actress Ginger Rogers
206,576 fans
Jennifer Jones Photo: 1940s actress Jennifer Jones
173,499 fans
Susan Hayward Photo: 1940s actress Susan Hayward
152,478 fans
Veronica  Lake Photo: 1940s actress Veronica Lake
145,465 fans
Betty  Grable Photo: 1940s actress Betty Grable
115,709 fans
Lauren Bacall Photo: 1940s actress Lauren Bacall
111,022 fans
Katharine Hepburn Photo: 1940s actress Katharine Hepburn
103,596 fans
Linda Darnell Photo: 1940s actress Linda Darnell
102,551 fans
Carole Landis Photo: 1940s actress Carole Landis
96,213 fans
Lucille Ball Photo: 1940s actress Lucille Ball
95,116 fans
Ann  Sheridan Photo: 1940s actress Ann Sheridan
93,358 fans
Olivia de Havilland Photo: 1940s actress Olivia de Havilland
89,407 fans
Judy Garland Photo: 1940s actress Judy Garland
80,925 fans
Ella  Raines Photo: 1940s actress Ella Raines
76,271 fans
Jane Wyman Photo: 1940s actress Jane Wyman
75,320 fans
Dorothy Lamour Photo: 1940s actress Dorothy Lamour
73,935 fans
Elizabeth Taylor Photo: 1950s actress Elizabeth Taylor
952,448 fans
Marilyn Monroe Photo: 1950s actress Marilyn Monroe
889,078 fans
Grace Kelly Photo: 1950s actress Grace Kelly
758,683 fans
Audrey Hepburn Photo: 1950s actress Audrey Hepburn
550,360 fans
Sophia Loren Photo: 1950s actress Sophia Loren
451,513 fans
Brigitte Bardot Photo: 1950s actress Brigitte Bardot
346,966 fans
Natalie Wood Photo: 1950s actress Natalie Wood
311,310 fans
Jane Russell Photo: 1950s actress Jane Russell
219,614 fans
Joan Collins Photo: 1950s actress Joan Collins
162,621 fans
Kim Novak Photo: 1950s actress Kim Novak
157,910 fans
Jayne Mansfield Photo: 1950s actress Jayne Mansfield
144,894 fans
Jeanne Crain Photo: 1950s actress Jeanne Crain
117,199 fans
Diana Dors Photo: 1950s actress Diana Dors
113,595 fans
Shirley MacLaine Photo: 1950s actress Shirley MacLaine
96,359 fans
Barbara  Lawrence Photo: 1950s actress Barbara Lawrence
72,181 fans



Actors from the 1920s, 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s called them girls, dames, broads, birds, baby, sister, little number, the skirt, the honey, the treat, coquettes, flappers, vamps, vixens, waifs, bombshells, and even fire-cracker, but they were one thing overall: drop-dead adorable and sexy.

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