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Jean Harlow Photo Jean Harlow   ?No one ever expects a great lay to pay all the bills.? --1930s bombshell Jean Harlow

Height: 5' 2"
Voice: Listen
Nicknames: Baby
The Platinum Blonde
Born: Mar 11, 1911
Died: Jun 7, 1937  (26 years)
Maiden Years: 1929-1937
Birth Name: Harlean Harlow Carpentier
Raised in: Kansas City, MO
Popularity: #2 in 1930s: 693,207 visitors
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She's especially adorable
in these "must see" movies:

 - 1930: Hells Angels
 - 1931: Public Enemy
 - 1936: Wife vs. Secretary

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Lakewood oh
3/20/2014 1:55:20 PM
Jean was a beautiful and talented actress. It is so sad she passed away so young. I love the black and white movies.
Alice Lessane
Elizabethtown, NC
7/24/2012 10:09:39 AM
I thought she was a beautiful woman.I enjoy watching her movies, she was indeed a shinning star.
rockford, illinois
1/1/2012 9:31:42 PM
thank you! for all the great photos she was special and makes the current crop of "sexy" look like they belong on the side of the road. I had heard tell that she made sure she was blonde elsewhere too. What was her eye color? Some show green others blue.
7/5/2011 7:51:18 AM
Superior thinking dmenotsrated above. Thanks!
Jet Puffed Marshmallows

7/31/2010 1:41:19 AM
Born in Kansas City, Missouri. This is what is called the Heartland of America. The dentist's daughter eloped at age 16 with a young businessman and wound up in Los Angeles where she found work as an extra and bit player. This was a good move to get away from a dentist, I try to avoid them myself. They are so arrogant and they cost too much as well. My advice is just keep flossing and brushing, plus take a calcium supplements to strengthen your bones and teeth. It is better to practice preventative measures as opposed to getting cut up and losing your hard earned bucks. Back to Jean Harlow, her first big break came in 1930 when Howard Hughes revamped his unreleased 1920 silent Hells Angels (1930) into a sound version, replacing the heavy accented Swede Greta Nissen with Harlow. Hughes loaned her out for a number which, like Frank Capra's 'Platinum Blonde (1931) featured her platinum hair and more than obvious sexuality - she claimed she never wore underwear. Later on she made three films with Spencer Tracey and six with Clark Gable, receiving much improved critical claim for her acting, allure and comedic talent. It sounds like she had the right connections from the start and ended up with the right actors to raise her to the top level. Sort of like be influenced by the people you hang out with, or something like that. Let's see, everyone on the MGM lot called her The Baby with the exception of Clark Gable. A very close friend, he always called her Sis. Was known as "The Original Platinum Blonde".

7/5/2010 5:25:47 AM
She fine if ya know what I mean when I say pork chops, mashed potatoes an gravy and some juicy watermelon on uh hot day with muh beeotch.

1/28/2010 4:45 am
she be da bunny
Very nice site!
Very nice site!
10/29/2009 3:45 am
Very nice site!
Atlanta, GA
10/19/2009 5:18 pm
I love Jean Harlow! The original platinum blonde....Left us too soon.
denver, co
10/4/2009 3:39 pm
Jean is my favorite actress of all time! I love everything Jean Harlow! Thank you for this site!
5/19/2009 1:39 am
Good site, admin.
5/17/2009 6:56 pm
Good site, admin.
5/17/2009 2:12 pm
Good site, admin.
Dedra Bates
Gary Garner
5/1/2009 8:16 am
denver, co
1/9/2009 4:22 pm
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ghetto brotha

10/4/2008 4:21 am
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ghetto brotha
10/4/2008 4:20 am
why u stickin jean so hi wen u
Kansas City
7/12/2008 10:14 pm
I had to stop by to keep Jean&
Jean Fontaine
Paris, France
4/26/2008 5:19 am
I am cousin's with Henri C
Aimˇe Fontaine
4/25/2008 1:36 pm
I love Jean Harlow, a lot of p
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4/3/2008 2:17 am
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Henri Carpentier
2/3/2008 2:07 am
Yes, yes!! I too am a big fan
Michel Portelance
Gatineau, Quebec, Canada
7/31/2007 9:23 pm
I am a big fan of Jean Harlow
6/26/2007 7:44 pm
i LOVE!!! jean harlow i will p

3/18/2007 1:20 am
Jean! #1!
12/15/2006 5:04 am
This is what there is to SAY.
Jean Thurston
Medfield, MA
8/13/2006 5:53 pm
I have a charcoal drawing of J
Dennis Lee Cleven
Madison, WI
4/11/2006 12:58 am
Jean was born Harlean Carpente
2/1/2006 12:47 pm
jeff, Jean Harlow died of u
phoenix arizona
1/24/2006 12:41 pm
hi jeff, you have a great si
6/16/2005 3:24 am
This is such a great site!! I&
Detroit, MI
11/09/04, 8:22 pm
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